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Two of my sons and I went out with a buddy today, he had just gotten a new boat, bought a new rod yesterday and a new umbrella rig also.

After catching almost every damn dogfish in the ocean we decided to troll awhile.

Put out a 5 rod spread and started heading from the Anglo area to the 4A bouy.
We came upon a strange little cluster of gulls and gannetts just picking at the top of the water in 25' depth and didnt mark a thing.
All of a sudden every rod goes down at once,, Bamm!!!!!!!!!!

Lost the first one on the long Green umbrella, my son Jared pulled his to the boat and his Mojo had tangled up with Son Blakes, Netted Jareds and it was a fat 42" 36# fish, and then Blakes line parted at the tangle and we lost his fish. Dang.
My friend Brett still had his on and he worked a tad getting it to the boat, I said hey look another one followed up your umbrella and the one you caught!!! NOT
He had two on the umbrella. We ended up netting both and that gave the net a real workout. He had a 48" 44# fish and a 41" 34# fish on at once !!!!!!!!!!!!

His largest and his first on this boat. And he got a nice paper.

We were headed in anyway so we didnt head back to the spot to see if they were still hungry, and the birds had dissaperaed by the time we got everything straight and in the fish box. That was it for us, but a great 10 minutes made the day.

Green mojo, Pink Mojo, Green umbrella, White umbrella and a glass shad red and sparkle umbrella were the colors they wanted at that paticular moment today.

Turned into a pretty day and everyone was happy.

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Great to see you again Capt~ You know where I am .......come UPSTAIRS when your in the hood again, you gotta see this place !

Nice work on the fishies !
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