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New Boat

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New owner of a 265cc Edgewater. Not taking delivery until Wed. The waiting is killing me. Was wondering if there are othere edgewater owner out there and if you are happy with it? Also what area you fish? I fish out of Solomon's Island, but hoping to trailer it some maybe even off shore, that would be a first.

tuck de
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Congrats on the new rig.:clap:
Congrats tuck de,
I own a 05 205cc and fish primarily from Solomons. Yes, I am more than pleased with my boat. It handles the rough stuff extremely well and is a tank. No issues with 202 hours. You'll love the ride.
Thanks croakerman, I'll give you a shout when i get out on the boat, we can tell some lies about fishing!
Tuck De, I looked hard at the Edgwaters before going with my Robalo. I can't imagine anyone not loving their Edgwater. They are extremley nice boats. Congratulations and best of luck!!!!!

06 Robalo R220/F250
Locust Point Marina
EWs are great boats, and the company is top notch, you will not be disappointed. That's plenty of boat to do most types of fishing. Enjoy!
nice boat :thumbup: . congrats.

i'm thinking very seriously about the 228. just need to get some other things cleared away first.

let us know how you like her.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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