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CCA 2007 Flounder Regulations Alert

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) will make a decision on the 2007 Virginia Recreational Flounder Fishing Regulations at its meeting on February 27, 2007. VMRC staff submitted 4 options to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) for consideration to comply with the 2007 Virginia Recreational Flounder Targeted Quota. The ASMFC Technical committee approved all four options. The approved options are as follows:

Option 1. 19" Minimum size, 6 fish possession limit with no closed season.

Option 2. 18.5" Minimum size limit, 5 fish possession limit, season closed Jan. 1 to Mar 31 and July 23 to July 28.


Option 3. 18.5" Minimum size limit, 3 fish possession limit, no closed season.

Option 4. 18" Minimum size limit, 2 fish possession limit, season closed Jan. 1 to Mar 31 and July 16 to July 31.

CCA VA urges recreational anglers to contact VMRC and provide your opinions on the proposed 2005 recreational summer flounder. A simple letter is sufficient to let them know your opinion about this issue. Only through your input will the Commission know how the public feels about these changes. Your comments can be mailed, emailed, or faxed using the information below.

Mr. Jack Travelstead

Virginia Marine Resources Commission

Fisheries Management Division

2600 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor

Newport News, Virginia 23607

Email -- [email protected]

Fax at 757-247-2002


The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) and the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council (MAFMC) have determined that the Atlantic coast states must take a 34% reduction in the commercial and recreational summer flounder quotas. This is necessary to reach the rebuilding target of spawning stock biomass by 2011. Additionally, Virginia recreational fishermen exceeded their target quota for 2006. In fact between 2005 and 2006 the recreational harvest of flounder in increased by 50% in spite of the fact that our seasons and limits remained the same. Combining the two will result in a 53% reduction in the target quota for the recreational fishery. The commercial fishery in Virginia will be required to take a 34% reduction in their quota.

CCA VA believes that the VMRC should pick one of the four approved Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission option's to ensure compliance with the coast-wide conservation requirements. Rather than indorse any of the conservationaly equivalent options the leadership of the organization is asking that the public provide their input directly to the Commission.


CCA VA Fisheries Management Committee



The preceding was provided as a public service by the Coastal Conservation Association Virginia (CCA VA). Feel free it to forward it to your associates. If you have any comments concerning this issue, or would like to have your name added/removed from the distribution list send an email to [email protected]. The CCA VA is a 501 C-3 charitable organization whose goal is CPR for fish…Conserve, Protect and Restore marine resources for the benefit of all Virginians. Please visit our website located at www.ccavirginia.org for more information.
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