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I used to be a CBF fan, I'm not sure I am anymore for the simple fact, they appear to have failed miserably in their mission. And they're not alone, just about every single "conservation" organization has failed.

By the numbers, the "conservation" organizations could have literally bought Omega Protein AND paid the workers several years salary as severance.

Am I wrong?
lol yeah, you are extremely wrong. I did two minutes of looking to see that OMEGA protein is a $500,000,000 company with over 1,000 employees. CBF is a non-profit who's total assets are like 20% of that in a good year. So yeah, your math is not working.

Trying to pin anything related to the bay on a single environmental advocacy group makes no sense. CBF doesn't set emissions standards or TMDL limits or nutrient caps. They don't make land use decisions or inspect wastewater treatment plants. All they can do is try to rile up the public so that the public pushes their legislators- the ones who decide all of the above- to make better decisions. No group has done a better job of that than CBF. It would be hard to find a better example of how effective they are then the fact that so many on here are complaining about their report card.
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