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P.S.Y.C.O.s ... Pier, Surf, Yack and Casting organization.

First I want to say hello and thanks. I wanted to invite anyone who would like to come to our meeting on jan 28th. It will be in ocean view right near the new pier.

We Have no dues, no money spent by you. Just a group of guys who have been meeting for about 7 months now. All you need to join is bring whatever meat you want on a grill and the beverage of your choice. We meet at my place in willoughby spit, ocean view. Va. We start at around 10am or earlier, some of us go to the beach to fish before hand. What we do is meet and greet. We have a talk about where and when to meet the next month, BBQ then go fish. If you would like to come just send me a message by pm or at [email protected] Thanks again and have fun fishing.
Fishing: (fish'ing) n. the art of casting, trolling, jigging, or spinning while freezing, sweating, swatting, or swearing. But we love it:cool

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