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New Raid on Virginia Recreational License Fund

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Governor Kaine has decided to again break the Virginia government's promise to use the proceeds of the Virginia salt water license to benefit anglers.

He is proposing taking over $1.6 million from the fun in 2009-10 to pay for VMRC enforcement expenses previously paid by state general funds. When you add the other programs now paid for by the license fund that were previously paid by general funds, the total is ridiculous and leaves little left over for access, reefs and children's programs which have been overwhelmingly embraced by the angling community.

Virginia has fishing license reciprocity with the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. They sell an individual fishing license for $7.50 and a boat license for $30.00. Both are valid in all Virginia waters.

If the governor won't back off on taking this money from the license fund, buy your license from the PRFC. Save a few bucks and let the governor know we won't allow this breach of promise.

Get your PRFC license here:

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