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The guys on the Bertram31.com (and now the Chesapeake forum) site highly recommended this board for fishing information, so here I am, the newbe to the site.

I just spent the last three years restoring a 1977 Bertram 26 which I have named the "Reel Marauder" after the B26 bombers from WWII.

I only have 5 hours each on the engines, so I want to stay close to Norview in Deltaville while I get used to the boat and break in the engines.

Can anyone direct me to a few spots that will keep me close to Deltaville and at the same time allow me a respectable shot at landing a few fish? She is well equipt for every kind of fishing I have ever done on the bay as I was growing up, but it has been along time since I have gotten a line wet. Any advice is welcome.

I will certainly be glad to report on any sites that are recommended or that I find.

Thanks in advance,
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