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New Toy: Lamiglas XRA138-1

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Bucket and I broke down and both bought a new rod today. It's an old discontinued Lamiglas XRA 138-1H (root beer color). Rod is a one piece, 11'6" and is rated at 4-12oz (also seen it rated at 8-16oz), dropped them off to be built today after I picked them up at FS4U.

Sure looks and feels like a purdy rod so far, can't wait to get it finished and take it for a run. Guess I need another reel now[tongue]!
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tackle ho's we be [grin] Sweet Lami blank so I'm [excited] Also saw Al & Chapa's rods in progress real nice except for all the neon pink thread, what's up with that [tongue]

Got my reel in today. Yup its gonna be one hell of a fighting combo.
Neon pink! NOT MINE!
I really think I'm done now for a while.
I just got a real job haha once i start......ill be a custom ho
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