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New Trailer Wiring Question

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I bought my boat and trailer new about a year ago. I've launched in salt water about 30 times. I have had problems with the wiring and lights (factory-installed) from the very beginnning. the spliced wires aren't even water-proofed. I'm to the point now where my trailer lights only work right when the trailer is UNDERwater. I'm not kidding. I know it may be some grounding problem.

I'm about to strip all the wiring and lights off and start over. Does anybody know of a good brand of trailer lights that'll hold up for a while? I switched out the blinker/brake lights with waterproof LEDs from BPS, but the really weren't all that waterproof.
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Thx, Capt Rick.

I think I'll try your setup. I think my uprights'll have to be higher so I don't smack the lights when I'm putting the boat on the trailer. I may even run my wires inside the pipes.

I've got a Sea Pro too. I think we have the same kind of (RK) trailer.
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