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Hey Joy,

Northstar sent me a new radio for you, but I don't know your address. I emailed you with no success. Hope you aren't in surgery. Now you can talk to people that are not right next to you! Send me your address.

In case anyone is in the market. It is a great radio with air temp, and barometer with graph history. ( shows rising and falling trends).

I have had one for years Explorer 721 VHF Radio | Northstar

Mike Smedley:cool2:
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Hi Mike,

Still hanging around the house trying to keep warm. Frequently under the electric blanket when the heat pump can't do it's job. Doctor/surgery the week of the 26th at Fairfax Hospital near Washington, DC. The area should be back to normal by then.

Sent my post office box address and my physical address to you by e-mail. I don't have residential USPS delivery, so all USPS must go to the P.O. Box. Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc. go to my residential address.

Thanks for looking out for me. It will be great and reassuring when I will be heard on the lake! :thumbup:

Kind of lonely in Nutbush on Wed. Went from the bridge up to the Little Nutbush. Saw a few scatterted bait in deep water along with isolated marks. Too few in my estimation to drop lines, so I kept on looking without success. Very little wind, so even with the cold, it was a great day to picnic on the water.

Guess I didn't find the right creek or structure holding striped bass. Well, I only saw one other boat in the creek headed for bait at the bridge or home. The guys casting for bait on the bridge got zip as far as I could see. Lots of white tornadoes, but as I got close enough to see what was going on, it was comorants driving bait. Never marked any bait with my sonar, might have been really small stuff and the water was 10 feet or less right on the shore.

Ha, ha, the bass minnows from Bobcat's in the 5 gallon bucket with the bait spa running have been OK for two days in this eskimo climate. The koi, catfish, and comets in my ponds don't have a problem even when the ponds ice over. Of course, I keep water circulating and an opening for gas escape. Very different than the kind of bait in the lake.

Regards, Joy T Brew
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