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New Wakefield Marine Forecast Page Starting January 14th!!

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Starting this Wednesday, January 14th, NWS Wakefield will be participating in a national test for a new web marine forecast page. The marine forecasts you currently receive from our web site (by clicking the front page map) will change. Until now, these forecasts were the Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF) text issued 8 times per day by our office. The new forecasts will be POINT forecasts based directly off the information for the grid point you select. I have created a background document to the new page which is downloadable from our web site: http://www.erh.noaa.gov/akq/temp/MarinePointandClick.pdf . For those of you served by the Sterling/Baltimore-Washington NWS office, I am almost certain you will be able to use the Google map interface from one of our marine point forecasts to obtain a point marine forecast for the Tidal Potomac or northern Chesapeake Bay.

Comments and suggestions on the new pages and their format, etc. can be provided to the link at the top right of the new pages, or directly to me via bmail or e-mail. The test of these pages will continue until November 30th, the end of hurricane season.

Bill S.
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Thanks for the great work by the folks in Wakefield, and looking forward to trying out the website!:thumbup:
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