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Welcome to the sport.

I'll keep this simple.

1. Read the rules.
2. Read the rules again.
3. Understand the rules.
4. Follow the rules.

Doing this will out you in the minority in some places but don't start before legal time, keep the minimum 100' away from other peoples gear and


I try to avoid crowds because I'm greedy and don't like to share my crabs with other crabbers. Helps to avoid the people who can't follow 1-4 above.

When setting your line, if you can find a ledge/ drop off from 5/6' to 10-15' set on the shallow side. I usually try to set my
Line(s) either one in 3-5' and the other in 6-8' until I find where they are or run both on angles from 3-9 until you find them. WILL BE DICTATED BY HOW CROWDED IT IS. See above.

Evenings are very good to avoid crowds, but crabs tend to be deeper until sun gets low, mornings they tend to be a little shallower until sun gets higher.

Others will chime in, but this is my short list and .02.


Forgot one thing. Some days 1-2 crabs per run will be good, other days that will be a waste of time and you are better off moving to a place that might produce 4-5 per run. The gamble is when to know to move. This is the main reason I run 2 600' lines; it gives me the option to only move one short line instead of committing all 1200'. Also allows you to squeeze into smaller areas where 1200' lines don't fit. I have several favorite areas I crab where 1200' lines don't fit.
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