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its a little late but hey, better late then never...

SO here goes... new to the forum and somewhat new to saltwater sportfishing. My Name is Derek, obviously, I live in Newport News and grew up in Yorktown. I'm 25 and married, I'm an ASE Certified Auto Mechanic , now working for Cox Communications doing installations and repair calls. I'm quite good at Home Theater set up an installation so give me a buzz if you need any help with something like that. Aside from being completely consumed by fishing lately, I also like old cars/fast cars and am in the process of building a hot little motor for an old chevy truck. A buddy that I work with has a 50ft chesapeake dead rise that we go out on about every other week or so during the summer, great boat but SLOW. Just trying to meet new people with brains to pick so I can learn more. Always looking to HO so if any of you want someone to keep you company I'm off on wednesdays and thursdays and would love to go!
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Welcome to the board there is a lot of good info. here. If you check there is almost always someone looking for a ho. Good luck!!
Welcome to the board!!! If you need some help in the fishing arena many others and I are willing to help!!!

Back in the day fast cars were my passion as well!!! More of a Mopar fan myself!!!

My numbers matching 1969 Dodge Charger R/T 440 4 speed. I restored it myself!!!
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Dang Lou! You didn't look that fat the other nite at the emergency eeling lesson. LOL

Just kiddin'. Nice looking ride.
Thanks for the compliment????? LOL!!! I think I have gained a few pounds since then I must have been wearing a dark shirt that night!!!!:eek2:

Sadly I do not have the car anymore I sold it to a collector from Michigan some years back. That car was me!!! I cried like a baby the day I sold her!!!

I was as passionate about cars as I am about fishing. Perhaps some day I will get back into it. I have a couple of VW convertibles that get me into wrenchin' now and then.
i love fast cars also im in the process of making a drag car now. but like everybody else said if you need any help thats what everybody is here for. good luck on that car and good fishing.
thanks for the replies, and lou i feel ya on those cars i had a pristine 63 ford galaxy that was all original with 63k on the clock that ran better than any new car i've ever driven and mis the hell out of it and i just sold my 1952 chevy to buy this truck and i miss the hell out of it, too. ever since this whole fishing thing came into the picture my cars have taken a back seat... one thing at a time i guess.
Welcome aboard Derek.

Fishing from the Gulf of Mexico to the Norfolk Canyon aboard the GW 330 Express DAWGONIT
here are my (past) cars

most recent departure: 52 chevy

before that 63 galaxie 500:

and before that 75 chevy with 84 front clip
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