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Launched at 8:30 am with friend Dan. Plan was to fish the incoming current as slack was 8:00 am. Tide was up a little and current predicted was light - .4 knot max. Some days it can be 1.8 knots.

Idling out - had to do double take on red marker. Tide was not super high - someone had ran into it and pushed it over.
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Once out in bay - had 71* water and going by crab pot floats , barest of incoming current. Found Spot on meter in 14 feet and anchored over them - or so I thought. Meter was blank but we hoped they would come back. Sometimes anchoring on short rode spooks them. Sure enough - few minutes we had decent bite of Spot with a few small Perch mixed in.

Clouds were building but stayed to east.

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We dropped about 20 Spot in livewell , one big one and 3 or 4 mediums. Rest were small ones. Took about 45 minutes to get bait and ran north to 30 feet. No one else fishing - hmmm. Meter showed some fish so set anchor and then wind shifted. Oh well , pull and adjust.

Got set up and put larger Spot over - it got hit but no hook up. Next one got hit and Dan reeled in a 22 to start morning.

Meter was showing fish at 20 feet so I set over a 1/2 ounce weight and pulled off 4 arm spans ( roughly 5 feet each ). Set a BFG slip bobber and let it drift back about 20 feet from boat.

The Spot being free lined got hit and I let Dan fight it. Looked like good fish judging from bow in rod - then rod popped up. Oh , oh. Dan reeled in and we saw no hook. It was brand new Ande 30 lb leader - knot was still there. The loop of knot had broken / cut. This has happened to me about 6 times this year - all on 6/0 circles. I retied and tried to break leader - no way. I'm thinking leader is getting pulled into eye bend and cutting. It sucks losing a fish.

The bobber rig got hit and line was zinging off reel. Dan engaged but no Rock - Spot torn off hook , damn. Set it back out at same depth.

Next fish hit retied free line rod was about 20 with sores. Lipped hooked so set free. Bay remained calm - even as clouds were building.

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The bobber got hit and I watched as rod bowed way over. Dan had forgotten to engage bait runner but fish managed to hook itself. Good fight and soon a nice 27 was on ice. It was about 11:00 am - half hour later than my normal two hour to limit trips - lol. We ran to bridge but stopped to get photo at Sandy Point light.

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Got to bridge and current was a kiss fast for Perch but not too bad. We picked away and put a few in cooler. Dan had a Channel Cat but it broke away at surface. We moved into shallower water - thinking cloud cover might have Perch in less depths.

Not sure if less current or depth change but we got some nice Perch plus another big Cat that popped hook leader. No loss - neither of us wanted them. Current slowed and Dan reeled up a crab. We idled back letting the remaining Spot go.

Coming in - saw new red buoy and the damaged piling marker gone. Gave Dan larger Rock and once home - cleaned the fish. Had to laugh swatting at mosquitos - crazy weather for mid October. Fresh Perch for supper ended an easy day.

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Longtail - I wet fillet in water and press into flour on a plate.

After that the fillet is dipped in egg / milk mixture. Then I press fillet into Italian bread crumbs.

I do all the fillets and set on paper plate. I fry in olive oil with one dab of butter. I prefer a low heat - around 4 on gas stove.

The fillets cook fast - one reason I prepare all ahead of frying.
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