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We've hunted 3 days this season so far, all were half day morning hunts. Opening day, Thanksgiving day and yesterday the 26th. We hunt off of the Chic in Lightfoot with chances to shoot puddle ducks, teal, a few ring necks and an occasional Canada goose.

First day only had one chance and bagged a double, black and green head. We called 'till our lungs burned, but everytime they were almost close enough to shoot, another blind would open fire and spook our circling ducks. I saw more ducks this opening day than I have in several years. Promising to say the least.

Thanksgiving morning was more of the same with good #'s of birds in the air, but with better results. From shooting time until about 8:30 we had 5 opprotunities to shoot and bagged 5, mallards and blacks. Had my first double of the season, and one more later on. We probably could have bagged 2-4 more but it was a day where our shooting skills could have used more pre-season practice. We heard very little shooting and boat traffic on this holiday morning. Things are looking good.

Yesterday the 26th was pretty slow with fewer birds seen and 2 opprotunities to shoot and bagged 2, mallard/black. Several things were against us with a very light breeze, pressured ducks and high tide. The tide covered the marsh and several times we had the birds circling and only to watch them lite out in the marsh, far from range. I believe that many of the ducks we saw the first 2 days are moving on from the pressure in the area and are moving south, still in migration. The warm weather in the next few days won't help, but it looks like a big chill is coming, just in time for next weekend. We need a big freeze in the North to push us some new ducks and I think it will happen again next weekend.

Good start to the season, hope it continues. [grin]

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