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Report November 23 from Justin How I caught Wahoo !!! )
I have found this Big Marlin Charters company on Tripadvisor page Punta Cana. Inquired with Cap. Yustas we agreed on a time and couple days later I was picked up at 7:00 form the resort for private fishinig charter. I want to mention that I'm not a really experienced fisherman but a dream of mine (as well as everyone's lol) would be to snag a blue marlin. The trip to the marina took around 30 min. since my resort was in Ubero Alto and that takes a bit to to get to Punta Cana. During the drive we chatted with Yustas a little bit more about Dominican life and fishing of course. It turns out he is from Poland and has been living her for 4 years now. Once we arrived the conditions looked perfect with a sun out and very calm seas. It would a bit of different story once we got beyond the reef. It took us about 10 mins to get through the channel out to the open water. I was a little woried about getting seasick but once out there, there was bit more wake but I focused on the fishing. In a bout 30 mins I heard the real and it took me about 5-7 min to pull in a about a 20 pound barracuda. this was my first barracuda catch, ugly fish with many teeth and probably not recommended to eat as the captain mentioned. As we were chattin about Domincan culture with some local music in the background the next reel started spinning like crazy. I fought it for about 20 min and as I was reeling it in closer Yustas said it was big Wahoo. Once we got it in it turned out to be a solid 50 pounder at around 5 feet long! In the next hour we caught 3 Mahi Mahis which came in at around 15-20 pounds. Smaller than the Wahoo of course but beautiful fish they are. Over all I had a great time in the four hours that I booked, Yustas is a great guy to go fishing with and has a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding waters. Highlight of the day was of course the 50 pound Wahoo, it was an amazing experience reeling this guy in. Biggest fish I caught to date, thank youguys!
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Punta Cana
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