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Hey folks, the Northern Neck Anglers Club is running its Flounder Bash Tournament this weekend. This is going to be one of the most competative tournaments we have all year. Four new members are on the roster now just waiting to teach you old bait snatchers how to catch some flatties.

First we have Jimmy M. who I have fished with on the eastern shore and know he's got the makins.
Next we have Nancy L. who is sure to do some good seeing as how she is the proud owner of one of my fancy double rigs.
After that we have Larry H. who came to our last meeting and sized up the competition. He figured it would be no problem to whip up on that old geezer at the head table and joined up on the spot.
Next we have a double, Nick L and his new youth member son Brian. They are going to be trouble because I feel like a roasted turkey after being grilled for three quarters of an hour last night by Nick on where to fish.

I'm not scared though; I've got two former winners riding with me into the battle, Matt B and Larry L. It will be a tough fight though because Walter P will be there with Wayne H the ultimate flounder pounder. I'm sure the Rappahannock Man, Little Bubba, Mushy and a few other stallwarts will be on the water too. Tom S should be out there again along with son Jeff just hoping to repeat the trouncing he and John E put on me Sunday.

Have fun and after ya'll get done fishin, come to the picnic at Norview. Dave
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