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No fishermen in Florida?

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asked about Marathon and not one bit of help...hope no one wants to ask me about the fishing up here...
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It could be because of hurricane Dennis that you are not getting a response.
Capt. Bob ,

hey i missed that post. I haven't got too much of a response from this board so i pretty much gave up on it. if you can gimme a call before sun i'll answer all the questions that i can my # is 850-994-0019

Capt. Mike
well loks like too late now but i'll be back as soon as i can get power and stuf back after the blow wish us luck
Capt Bob,
You posted a question on a Maryland based forum for information about fishing in Marathon, Florida. As you were posting the outer bands from hurricane Dennis were approaching Marathon. The next day it blew 75 kts here in the keys. Some places are still without power.
Sorry no one stopped boarding up their houses, pulling their boats and protecting their property to answer your lame question.

Captain Bill Welder
Key West and the Lower keys
I am new to the Mayport area after relocating from Va. Beach. I would help you out but I dont know how to. Will be here in mid August wth the Chesapeake Champagne and would also appreciate any help you guys can offer. Thanks Geno
It's been a couple years since I was in marathon, but my first choice would be to go to http://www.thetacklebox.com I would also call them for first hand information. I think the owner did a fishing report on the radio and the net once a week. This is a small family run business and and provides a lot of customer service (a real rarity these days).

We have a home in the Naples area so I spend most of my "Florida" time on the west coast.

I loved Marathon and Islemorada. good luck
Go to this link if you want info on Florida. Just look at the amount of traffic on the tidalfish Florida board, it is hardly used....


They have several boards for the specific areas in Florida and an overall Florida sportsman board.

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