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Sorry guys, Ramrod was sick most of the night last night and I had to come back in town for my Uncles' funeral. He died yesterday about 2:45pm. Still waiting to hear when the funeral is. We are headed back up first of the week, maybe Tuesday. When we crossed the bridge I called Yogi on the phone to let him know why RR and I were headed home and not to look for us on the water and he told me they had been fishing 45 minutes and had caught 4 and had one on then. The wind is still blowing but today it was out of the right direction to be able to fish. After I get a report tonight I will update the info.
Thanks for everyone’s prayers. My Uncle Bill had a hard fight and I am glad his struggle is over. I will miss everyone this weekend at the tournament at the lake and the little $5 per boat tournaments we have been having at the bay. Thanks to everyone for looking after my end of things this weekend. If things go well I may still make weigh-in but we’ll see.
Thanks again to ALL and tight lines.
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