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I must have been dreaming when I took my 6 month pregnant wife Amy for "one last flounder trip" Saturday. I was not thinking rationally as we came out of Milford Haven to 1 1/2 footers. Hmmm... I thought... a quick 8 mile skip across and we could be in the homeland at 42... I implored her with all of my skills with my voice of reason as she sat there holding her belly. Needless to say, after the third "are you crazy" look and the second time she asked me if fishing was more important than having our first child, I succumbed. Back to Milford Haven with my tail between my legs... dried flounder anticipation foam still on the corners of my mouth... and we ran behind Gwynn's Island to carry out Plan C. Plan C ended up being tangling every line in the boat and dropping every minner twice under the seat cushions as my wife sat in her captain's chair soaking up rays with no wave action. Never got a good drift between the wind and the lack of tide. Not a bite was to be had by the Jezebel II this day. My frustration was offset by the simple pleasure that my wife had of sitting in the boat in her favorite chair as I floundered about.

An hour later, we were cleaning the boat but no matter how much I scrubbed I could not remove the smell of the skunk. I just hope that the smell is not there when I show up next time with a couple of buddies and tall stories to back up with meat in the box.

Feeshon Aboard the Jezebel II
not really but who wants to say painting the nursery and installing a crib

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