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I know you guys are mainly saltwater anglers, BUT, have you heard about the new green cemetery in N. Balto. County? Grave Run goes thru this 66 A piece and then empties into Prettyboy Reservoir? I hear the new Law they passed eff. March 2nd will let the owner bury up to 100 bodies per acre, so that is like 6600 possible dead gov't was letting them do this. P'Boy is already monitored for e. Coli. If bodies buried next to a trout stream that empties into P'Boy which is home to thousands of bass and freshwater anglers. I couldn't believe our thousands of dead intestines, guts, and who knows what else - like HIV or Hep B virus (that live on after you're dead, if you got it) and bacteria like staph, strep, and waterborne disease bacterias are all ending up in the stream emptying into Prettyboy, I am afraid they may close it for water activities. And why? So some one can make money at the expense of everyone else??
Oh, yeah, green burial means - raw body buried in dirt. No embalming allowed so all the blood and fluids go right into the soil to be washed into the groundwater and stream. Also, they can wrap you in only a cloth, if you want. They don't even require a casket. How gross is that??? People like family touching the cloth-wrapped body to help bury it. They won't even know what diseases and germs they are possibly contacting.
I recently heard about this and was wondering if anyone else knew. I thought the guy was pulling my leg. But, this is for REAL. And he said 15 other big pieces of farmland in N. County could be converted too. There goes not only our fishing but our farms too. What the heck is going on??? :nono::nono: :oops:
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