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I'm booked solid for the next couple of weeks and really wanted to get out and see if the croakers are in the Potomac river yet. We decided to take the Carolina Skiff since I'll be taking it to Corolla in June and this may be the only time I get to shake out any bugs before that trip.

Left Dahlgren about 4:30 met by a very strong southeast wind. The wind had the water all pushed up in the Upper Machodoc Creek so the water was very high at the boat launch.

We tried to poke our nose out in to the main part of the Potomac but were met with very strong 2-3 footers. My partner immediately commented that we should have taken the Parker.

Decided to head back in to the Upper Machodoc Creek but I've never fished that area. I had scouted a couple of deep holes from my navigation charts on my computer so I decided we would try that. Found a place out of the wind and caught 7 small catfish on blood worms. Better than getting skunked.

The wind was starting to die down so we decided to give it another try to get out to the river. Again it was too rough so we headed back up the creek and fished for a while longer. When it was time to leave my motor would not start. Turns out I was out of fuel. :52: It was stupid but in my defense I just built this boat and "downsized" the tank from my previous bass boat. I'll keep a closer watch in the future.

Decided to head back to the dock with the trolling motor. Was out in the middle of the river with the wind in our face just barely moving. We lucked out and a boat saw us (the only boat we saw out last night) and offered a tow. :clapping2:

He got us back close to the dock and we ended the night without further incident. All in all it was better than sitting behind this computer reading about you guys going fishing. I was very happy with the way the skiff fished with 2 guys. We never felt like it was unsafe just a bit too rough to fish.

The river was VERY muddy for anyone thinking of heading out this weekend. I won't be out again for a couple of weeks due to family commitments.


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