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I know this is the Chesapeake Hunting board, but I think you'll all get a little chuckle after reading my weekend hunting report.

I've routinely hunted a area of public land in PA (Delaware Water Gap) since I was 12 (almost 20 year). Not necessarily my go-to place, but very nice. I still go to PA to mainly hunt with my dad. Scouted this one spot within the park and knew it was a good spot for buck - sat at the spot probably 20 times over the years and only ever saw doe in the surrounding area. Sat there Saturday afternoon and at 5:45 up walks a nice 8 point (especially nice for public game lands in PA). Didn't shoot though as the early muzzleloader in PA is doe only. :censored: I'm not sure I would have rather seen nothing. Oh well.

Again, sorry its from the wrong area, hopefully those having less than stellar luck this year will get a chuckle and feel a little better.
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