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not fully waterproof splash top?

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Do any of you use a splash top that is not 100% waterproof around the neck and wrists? MTI Ultra Splash Jacket - Unisex - '08 Closeout at REI-OUTLET.com

This makes me interested but am wondering if I should just spend the extra $ and get it done right.


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I have a Kokatat semi-dry top which has latex seals for the wrist, but a loose neoprene gasket for the neck. Water came in through the neck when I tried it, but not as much as what came in through the waist connection. I've got a new cold-water set up now that I haven't tested yet. When I really tightened down the neck, very little water came in. However, I tried to get back in my boat as soon as I could for both trials and spent less then a minute or two in the water. I can't remember the name of my semi-dry top, but it's made with their Tropos fabric. It's been comfortable and durable thus far, and I got it for either $60 or $80. I don't think I would bother if the wrists didn't seal, but that's just my $0.02.

If my new combination doesn't work, I might drop $550 on a Stohlquist b-pod, which is a drysuit with a special, waterproof neoprene neck gasket. They get good reviews for being waterproof and comfortable.
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Hey Cory,

Please make sure the new suit has long inseams for pedaling Hobies! :thumbup: It took me a while to find widers to use with my top that didn't cause binding while pedaling. :censored: Also, a little extra room in the knees helps with pedaling, too. :D Looking forward to seeing it, especially since I might be in the market.
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