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Took wife for a getaway on Sunday/Monday. We put in at Gwynns Island and fished the Piankatank at exactly the wrong time. Tried 4 spots that have produced in the past and did not have a bite. Talked to some folks on a few other boats fishing for croakers and they had similar results. 2 boats with spec fishermen had caught only a few small rock.

We spent some time on the beach islands in Milford Haven. Afterward, we checked with some guys fishing the channel just inside of the inlet and they were catching a lot of croakers on an outgoing current. We had enough sun, so we did not fish for them.

On Monday, we fished East River and caught modest numbers of 10 -12" croakers plus a spot and whiting. Kept enough for a meal and threw back the rest. Could not find any good size croakers there.

We stayed in a lovely room at Moon Cottage. Beautiful place for $65 night. In a place with limited accomodations, this was a nice surprise. Check Mathews County web site - tourism, for info if you wish.

Does anyone know where clams can be gathered via hand rake in this area??
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