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Today was a very nice day and I had a grandfather, grand daughter and her mom as my crew today. Expectations where high for me as the cat fish have been really hungry lately. First spot marked lots of quality fish but the acres of grass and logs was undo-able so we went to some cleaner water and the lie-ing machine lit up with fish 20 feet thick. Set the anchor and bite after bite happened. I bet it was all white perch.. one cat got hooked up as I cleared the lines for a move. Moved back to the first good marks spot but a swath of grass and logs just tangled lines again and again. So we moved again and found a nice bite and it seemed like the eels have moved in. And just after I said that an eel came in and fell off the hook on lifting. Ended up with a dozen eaters and four cats to big to keep. Oh and this nice one.

Cleaned up a couple cats for winter and gave some to some crappie fisherman from Balto. Customer took some nice fillets as well.
Great crew and fun.

Capt Mike
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