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The last week has provided some world class fishing for oversize redfish, with last Thursday being one of the best days. Most of the phenomenal catches have occured fishing under pogie pods. A friend, who takes kids fishing for a living, had six bull reds hooked up at once! I can only imagine the pandemonium on that boat. Strong southeast winds and a large ground swell have made the "pod" fishing more difficult recently. The water is still fairly warm at 70-71 degrees, but the pogies are scattered and more difficult to find. In fact, they are still catching kingfish off the Jax Bch pier! I am still catching large reds at the Jacksonville jetty tips in the deeper water. Yesterday, I had eight oversize reds and two ten pound black drum despite screaming full moon tidal currents. Catching these large redfish is so much fun that I haven't been doing much creek, ICW, or river fishing. I just want to catch them while they're here before they move offshore.

Good catches of reds, trout, and flounder are being made in the creeks, ICW, and river. Sheepshead, with a few black drum are biting at the area jetties. Lots of bluefish are around and can be a nuisance when you are targeting other species. We've had a pretty good run of pompano with some great catches being made from the piers and surf.

Good fishing!


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