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Always heard there are 1,001 ways to die while diving - in fact , think I've came close with 20-25 of them.

Leave it to me to add one to the list.

Wife and I spent a week in Cozumel and she noticed her small dive light had flooded after a wreck dive.

It's a 4 AA battery one that you twist 3/4 turn clockwise to light - 3/4 counter to turn off. I'm guessing she turned it too much counter clockwise.

The wreck was 80 feet or so and once on the boat - I unscrewed the top of the light to evaluate the damage. Got the top about 1/2 way unscrewed when out shot a green / black stream across the side of my face - battery acid :eek2:.

Dropped the light and put my head into the rinse 5 gallon bucket - than jumped into the ocean. Got a slight red burn but luckily it missed my eyes and other divers.

Never crossed my mind that light flooded under pressure around 80 feet. As I unscrewed top - it escaped with fury.

I've had lights flood before but never had this happen and hope it never does again.
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