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Grades & Endorsements Now Available On NRA-PVF Site!

This year's elections may well be the most important in your voting lifetime! The stakes are enormously high, and you need to be fully informed. For up-to-the-minute campaign information, and to see what you can do to help elect pro-Second Amendment candidates, members are strongly encouraged to visit the NRA-Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) website, www.NRAPVF.org.
This official NRA campaign site will serve as your one-stop campaign reference guide this election season. The site is loaded with all of the critical information you'll need to make informed decisions on Election Day, November 4. Included on the site are news stories, articles from NRA's magazines, NRA-PVF press releases, and a complete listing of NRA-PVF candidate grades and endorsements!
Just click on the state or plug in your 9 digit zipcode (xxxxx-xxxx)...
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