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The Hunter boat with Walt Spruill will be there, Jeff Ross on the Obsession, Fin on the Qualifier,Arch of the Pelican,Swordfish, Forplayin ,Boneshaker and all the boys will be there...All stay at Isla Mujeres...You can go by the town dock and see Jeff and a few others.....the rest stay at the Marina which is real class....But If you can't get a hold or them the wives are taking their calls....If all else fails, check out Michael De files there at JAX bar and grill at the end of the island turnaround....he's from texas and lives there....smaller boat but you don't have far to go...
Walt had a few open days...but get on it before their full.....you can always find a cancelation or fill in somewhere....walk the dock....they'll hook you up with somebody.....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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