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To all you guys that are coming on the trip . Here is a list of stuff you might want to bring:
  1. Cooler and ice
  2. Camera
  3. Food and drink
  4. Rain Gear
  5. 60 to 80lb leader material
  6. Heavy jigs (6 to 18oz)
  7. Cut bait
  8. Sleeping bag
  9. 4/0 Octopus and/or Khale hooks
  10. Rags
  11. Extra braided line (50 to 80lb)
  12. Heavy rod for deep (700') tilefish
  13. Squid skirt teasers (3" to 5") for bass
  14. Squid skirt teasers (6" to 9") for tilefish
  15. Various Gulp Baits (Bass love them)
  16. Circle hooks (8/0 to 10/0) for tilefish
  17. Good quality coastlock swivels (150 to 200lb class)
  18. Dramamine or Bonine (Make sure to take it an hour before you get onboard)
If I think of anything else , I will post it in this thread . We will start boarding at 1:30 AM . Here is a map link to the boat.312 Talbot Street, 21842 - Google Maps For those of you that are coming from the west , do not take the Rt. 90 bypass to head to North OC . Continue east til you cross the Rt. 50 bridge , bear right on Philadelphia Ave. , take an immediate right turn on Talbot St and go straight to the boat . Any further questions please call the captain directly or call me . You all have my number . Hopefully this will be a very fun and productive trip . For those of you that couldn't make this one , we will be doing another the first week in January on or around the 3rd . A little side note . If you have any old cut bait or whole fish in your freezer (bluefish , bunker , etc.) , bring it along . It never hurts to have a variety . The boat will be providing squid and hopefully clams . If you do have access to clams or have some in your freezer , bring them as well . Well , I think that about covers it . I'll see you all at the dock in the wee hours !:D:thumbup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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