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Put in at Owls Creek, headed out of Rudee and saw a butt load of boats out there trolling. So we threw some stretch 25's out and Nothing, then put out some bucktails and got skunked. Didn't get anything all day. Fished between 1100 to 200. Heard people talking about the golf ball, but didn't make it out that way. Went with my plan, and it was a miss. Felt like hunting last weekend. But i guess that's why they call it fishing and hunting, not catching and killing. I'll get em next time.

"A Crook's Life"
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same with me out there all day with not one knockdown. maybe next time. i went out saturday and caught one schoolie in the afternoon. hope it turns on soon.

Sorry to hear you did get any striper luv. Looked like it was going to turn on later in the day. You'll get them next time.

Weekend Mistress
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