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Bought hydro sport that has twin 1997 twin ocean pro's 200's.boat had set up for about 1 year and a half gas was full. Problem is both motor's crank great , run to fishing area. When slowed to troll speed port motor will shut off, will recrank , then will not take throlle in forward or reverse. Can gear release and increase rpm motor will take gas and increase rpm with no problem.pull the throlle back put it in gear still will not take gas. Shut engine off for 10-15 minutes give or take . Will recrank take throtle then after 5 minutes or so go through the whole thing again. The other engine ran a little rough changed the fuel filters (canister type found had good amount of trash,etc small amount of water).
Starboard motor runs great.
Can fish (troll ) all day on the starboard then crank the port and it'll run great at plane ,cruise rpm. When you slow to dock port will cut-off again. Just checked the inline's thought they were good found some debries in both more in the port than starbord. Pulling plugs going to change them out. Also i have been putting stabuilt marine in after the the first fill up.been dong this for 300 gals or so.

Any suggestions;;; i think i'm going in the right direction or feedback might save me so time and money and keep my lines wet longer.

Some what frustrated.

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