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David and I arrived at Kiptopeake ramp about 1230 to find a packed parking lot and about 4 boats in front of us. Although rigs were parked up the road well beyond the designated parking spots, slots were opening up as some of the early morning crew were in the process of leaving.

Winds were from the east at well under 5 knots. We shoved off and headed for the ocean. As we motored under the high rise we were struck by the number of boats spread out before us. We guessed we could easily see 100. We did see one boat with a fish on as we made our way around and through the crowd.

I picked a spot and we started getting lines out. When we were done we were fishing 6 lines. We were ready! We drifted. We waited. We talked and we watched bobbers. After 45 minutes we picked the lines up and headed over to another spot closer to Nauticus Shaols.

This time we started in shallow water about 12 feet deep. I like that. I like drifting from shallow to deep. There were no other boats nearby. Many of the fleet were picking it up and heading in. Right at 2 hours after slack tide a rod bends. I pointed and said, "David".

David manned the rod while I picked up some lines and cleared the deck. It was hooked solid and swimming hard. For awhile we thought we had bubba. I handled the net while the fish made a few runs and dives. Before long it was portside and I netted it. A keeper!

The fish measured 41 inches. I don't know how much it weighed.

We kept fishing and tried another drift over the productive spot which was in 20 feet of water. It wasn't meant to be. We tried one other spot a bit east of 10 but no luck. We headed back in before dark to find a line to the ramp that extended out to the opening between the concrete ships. Fortunately everyone was sober and efficient and before long we were driving home with a fish.

Now if I can only break the "one fish" groove I'm stuck in.

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