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Started fishing the incoming tide this morning at Ocean View Pier at 6am. Bucket and Park03 already out there when I got there along with a few other Pier regulars as well. Plenty of heavers out with fresh spot, croaker, bunket, etc. on the bottom, and a few pin rigs out as well. On the last hour or so of the incoming tide the cow nose rays made their appearance yet again. Had one on that kicked my tale as I had to fight him against the current to get him in. I was putting it on him, but not budging him a bit for awhile. Meanest cownose I have caught in quite some time.

Right before slack tide hit the boys out there had a nice little chum slick going with oil and chum bags. The tide finally turned and I fished the first hour or so of that. Not much to show but a few more critters on the cut/live bait.

Kibaro showed up a little later and managed to land 2 short flounder with some squid under the pier, and bottom rigs tipped with BWFB or squid were producing some small (nice bait size) Blues, Spot, Croaker, perch and roundhead.

Left at 11am, due to had obligations to the kids today! Nice seeing everyone out there and hope they scored something nice later on!

Go feesh......and see ya on the sand or planks here soon! [grin]
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