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an you say Dolphin?

Sunday we loaded up with some new friends and old friends to see if we could catch some tuna and then run offshore and try for a billfish. We left the dock a little before five. What a beautiful morning. The wind was so light that we did not even try the tuna thing so we just headed for the deep water. Set up the spread and started working the area just north of the Big Rock in about 900 feet of water. We could not keep the dolphins out of the spread. They were busting through, jumping through and just tearing up the spread. We ended up with about 16 dolphin, three that were 35 pounds plus. We did have a white pick up a blue and white and peel off some line before moving on.

Monday, we had another great day on the water with a charter out of Sanford. We headed back out to the spot we found the Dolphin on Sunday and were very successful in getting the fish to cooperate another day.

Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday weekend!

Tight lines and following seas,

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