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I am thinning out my tackle. Selling all my duplicate stuff. Had way to much on the boat.
See Pictures attached. Retail value of this package is approx. $3100.00
Individually selling the lot used its worth Approx $1500.00.
Looking to sell this Lot as a whole and not part it out. If someone wants to come pick up the entire lot in Bel Air, Md
I will cut you an amazing deal.
Red shell squid dredge- used
White Shell squid dredge- used
Green Squidnation Dredge- BRAND NEW $450.00 value
(2) squidantion flippy floppys- used
(3) 400lb wind on leaders
(7) Marlin Lures- $650 value
(6) wahoo lures- $450 Value
Joe shoots, daisy chains, hogys, gulps, chuggers, swordfish skirts, cedar plugs, #32 planer.
And much much more !!! Come take it all at once for an awesome price.


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