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Spent the week in OBX and fished OI and HI 3 days. Fishing was pretty good, especially on gaffers. Our best day was out of HI with 21 in the boat. As far as OI, the warm water was well offshore of the Point. Gaffers were no problem heading south where the warm water came in over the 100f curve. No grass lines to speak of but the break was very prominent.

We finally found the YFT on the last day just north of the Point in 68 degree water. Lots of life and huge pods of porpoises. Had 5 rods go down, but with only 3 of us in the boat we ended up going 3 for 5. Exciting to see that happen though. I love multiple hookups.

Hope to go again on Tuesday if weather cooperates and I can put a crew together. Hope you all make it out soon.


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