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not my recipe,don't know who's but we love fish this way and is good for odd pc's of fish you have left from them larger fish.
1 bottle of italian salad dressing
oldbay chips(we like herr's)
fish,rockfish,tuna,any firm fish cut in pc's2"x2" to 3x3
cut fish to size and place in a container with salad dress and let set 1 hr or so and turn pc's a few times if not covered with dressing.don't soak to long.
place chips in a ziploc bag and crush(vary fine texture,small pc's..takes a lg.bag to do8-10 pc's.
now take crushed chips out of bag and place some in ziplok bag or all in a breader like bass pro sells.
place fish pc's a few at a time in with chips and coat well.
now cook in hot oil in deep frying pan or deep fryer till golden brown or floating.
remove placing on paper towel to drain off extra oil and serve.
if you can not find oldbay chips or want your own i was out and made my own with reg.chips and oldbay,just kept pouring in and tasting till i liked it. came out better this way i thuoght. b.dog
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