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I had this bird come right up to me while I was on my jet ski at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel yesterday ( I now know it is a Clapper Rail). It seemed weak and confused, look like a juvenile. It let me pick it up, I put him on my jet ski and sit for a while. I offered part of my turkey sandwich and it pecked at some of the bread. Ha! Then I pulled up to some of the rocks of the Fourth Island and put him on a big boulder. Hopefully it does OK!
I lost the Jig that is in the picture to a Big Drum. I cast into a school of over a hundred that was busting on the surface. I also caught a couple small Cobia.

The wind totally died right before I took this picture of an Egret in my back yard.

"Got Mocked!" I took this picture last night in my front yard. A Mockingbird dive bombed this resident Bald Eagle as he was having a drink.

The Regal Resident Eagle.

Heron giving me a fly by.

I was Star Struck and could not stop Gazing at this Lilly in my wife's garden.

Got a picture of this Fawn in my back yard right after it rained.

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