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Thinking it would be crazy at the ramps today, we set out a little early and launched around 6:30am from Crab Creek at Lynnhaven. We put lines in off Cape Henry, off the Ramada, and the fog caught up with us back north of Cape Henry near the 3 mile line. We trolled for a few hours in the fog, with decent bait marks on top, and some marks on the bottom, but didn't get any action. We lost a Mojo on the bottom, somehow, had something very large hit another shallow mojo/tomic (about 20' down in 50' of water) and snap the line after clicking off a few feet (have no idea what that was). After the fog lifted, we ran back to the fleet around the green can and snagged a fat 38", 24# fish on our first pass in 46 ft. of water, headed west, on a green/yellow chartreuse tiger stretch 30+. It seemed like things were going to pick up, but we must have lucked in to that one. We had one other knockdown on a stretch, but atleast we got the skunk off the boat.:rockon:

The only positive chatter late in the day were from some boats working well inside the bay off Cape Henry in 50 foot of water around 5pm. We were headed for the barn, so didn't bother to check it out for ourselves.

Oh yeah...the most brilliant angler was the guy working the "cloverleaf" pattern around the green can, getting everybody to cooperate with him as he boated some nice fish on the 2nd cloverleaf of his passes. I'm sure it was all radio comedy, but did get us smiling. :D

All in all, not a bad day on the water for us. Launch and retrieving went well without any major hold-ups....no crazy captains on plane in the fog around us....but based on the radio chatter, not everyone was getting along so well.

We will get 'em next week.

Captain Roy on the Carolina Cat


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