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7/14/2013 - Had a good couple of days fishing this past week.

First fishing trip on 7/10 with Matt Schmitt from Wankeshe, WI and his father in law Harry Carey from Alexandria, VA produced 3 BFT bites catching our over and under, 3 Wahoo bites catching 0 and 2 dolphin bites catching 1. Hot Dog area.

Second fishing trip on 7/11 with Dale Carbaugh and family in the same area we caught 7 BFT releasing 5 and keeping our over and under. Also caught 2 YFT and again missing 2 Wahoo bites.

Third trip was OC Tuna Tournament and our anglers were Dale Christensen, Ronnie, Frank Bielut, Joe, Bill Keller and his business partner Bill - sorry about last names we forgot to have them log in fully. We fished in the Washington, 76 to 78 degree water, clean with blue tint to it but I'd call it clean green, cloudy, and loaded with boats. Day 1 first bite was a nice Blue Marlin. We were able to get all our stuff in and angler was doing a great job with the fish when "The Three J's" a blue hull, bay built kind of boat, who we heard on the radio all morning, must not have heard me to ask him to go to his port, just looked at us trying to wave him off and proceeded to run right across our line to cut the fish off. Great Start !! Caught 3 BLT's and at 2:30pm we hooked up to a Big Eye. Bill fought the fish for 2 3/4 hours before we finially pulled the hook. Tough day. Day 2 was a much slower day for everyone. Sunny instead of cloudy but other conditions were about the same - water may have been a bit more chopper and there were at least 105 boats in the same small area. We did 1 dolphin, caught a Blue Marlin about 100 pounds - keep him close to the boat - and 1 YFT. Big Eye bite very slow and we did not get one.

Make Up or Open boat dates and trips coming up.

July 27 & 28th - Over Night Trip scheduled. We have 2 anglers at this time and we are looking for 4 more. Leave at 6am on the 27th and return to the dock at about 1pm on the 28th. We will be fishing for Marlin, Tuna and Dolphin during the day, sharking or chunking & Swordfishing over the night, Sunday morning either doing the same -trolling - or deep dropping for tile fish if it is something you want todo. The CASH price is $675 per angler and it includes everything except what you want to eat, drink and fish cleaning. Call Captain Ryan at 443-848-2260 or Captain Joe at 1-800-243-0342 for more info or to book.

July 29 - 12 Hour Offshore Trip - We have one angler at this time and need 5 more. The CASH price is $400 per angler and it includes everything except what you want to eat, drink and fish cleaning. . We leave at 5am and get back around 5pm. If interested please call Captain Ryan at 443-848-2260 or Captain Joe at 1-800-243-0342.
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