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We have been Bluefin fishing this past week. The Massey's and the Hot Dog areas have had a good early morning bite. Some of the charter boats from OC choose to leave the docks around 3-4am and have their limits of Bluefin by 6am then the fishing slows down a bit but there is still a bite throughout the day. The water has been around 74 degrees, some days clean and some days dirty but the fish still bite. The bites are coming from the way back rods and even short riggers. Have got bites on meat as well as spreader bars. Seems like the under fish like the spreader and the overs like the meat and way back but the 135 pounder we caught bit a short rigger with a bait and, of course, on the lightest rod and reel we had out.

For what it is worth, there has been a good big eye bite around the Washington along with a lot of the little yellowfin - I have not been there personally but it is happening as they have been hitting the docks. A fair amount of boats out this past weekend. OC Marlin Club had their Canyon Kickoff Tournament so a lot more areas were fished and a lot more information has been flowing. This should be a good week for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament.

We have a couple of offshore days that need 2 more anglers each.

Sunday, July 21 & Thursday, August 1st.

The cash cost is $400 per head and that includes everything except for what you want to eat, drink and fish cleaning. First come first served as usual. If interested please call Captain Ryan at 443-848-2260 or Captain Joe at 410-353-0785.
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