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The fishing in Mosquito Lagoon was excellent the past week. Redfish, trout, and black drum are all acclimated to the cooler water and are willing to eat well presented baits.

Monday, Lance and his father Zeke had their first experience sight fishing the Mosquito Lagoon. They each caught a couple redfish up to 37 inches and had some black drum that threw the hook.

Shots at tailing and cruising fish were consistent throughout the day.

Wednesday, I fished Mosquito Lagoon with my friend Scott. We found plenty of black drum and redfish.

I used the DOA shrimp in the new FiGi Chix color to fool a few redfish while Scott had better luck with a 3 inch CAL in Watermelon Seed.

Friday was a sight fisherman's dream on Mosquito Lagoon. Clear skies, light winds, and hundreds of tailing redfish and drum. At times, we could see 8-10 pods of tailing and finning fish at once. My anglers found their casting skills a bit rusty at first. Once they got them dialed in, however, the fish were willing to eat the DOA shrimp.

Despite some very heavy boat traffic, we found schooling and tailing redfish at each spot we visited and had a great day on the water.

December can offer some of the best opportunities to cast to tailing redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. Tailing fish are feeding fish and, for anglers, those are the best kind. The challenge is that tailing fish have a very small field of view while their nose is buried in the grass. Very accurate casts are required to get your lure within inches of the fish. Adding a small rattle to your bait can help get their attention. In addition to the reds and drum, we are seeing increasing numbers of large seatrout on the flats. These masters of camouflage are difficult to spot as they lie still waiting to ambush passing baitfish. A stealthy approach, clear skies, and a good pair of polarized glasses are necessary to spot them.

Capt. Chris Myers
Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters
Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Guide-Orlando Fishing Guide-Central Florida Fishing Guide -Light Tackle Charters in the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River
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