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Hi all, my name is Tim and I work for a small wind & weather data company, WeatherFlow. We have a number of stations across the Chesapeake Bay and are looking to send techs from MA down to service some weather stations. The thing is, if we get to a site and discover an active nest we obviously can't perform maintenance and the trip is a bust. Wondering if any folks here who happen to pass by our weather stations could help with either confirmation of osprey nests or photos. We sadly don't have webcams but often rely on our members & locals for visuals. A member referred me to this wonderful forum and encouraged me to reach out here. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

The following weather stations are in need of maintenance and osprey nest confirmation...
Gunpowder (39.356,-76.324)
Grove Point (39.403,-76.038)
Greenbury Point (38.968, -76.458)
Blackwalnut Harbor (38.677,-76.334)

Here's a link to our FishWeather website: https://www.fishweather.com/map#38.967,-76.253
We also have other brands, iKitesurf, iWindsurf, SailFlow & WindAlert

Thank you so much for any assistance!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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