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Woman rescued after her vessel capsizes in Potomac
By Martin Weil

A woman whose small vessel had capsized was rescued Sunday from the Potomac River near Key Bridge, authorities said.

After receiving a report that the woman was struggling to stay afloat, the U.S. Coast Guard said the crew on one of its boats threw her a life ring and pulled her aboard.

They identified her as a 61-year-old Arlington woman.

It was not clear what kind of vessel the woman had been in. The Coast Guard described it as a scull, also known as a racing shell, but the D.C. fire department, which also sent a boat to help the woman, said she had been in a kayak.

A fire department spokesman said the woman was wet and "a little cold" but not injured.

She was taken to the Thompson Boat Center on the Washington side of the river, authorities said.

By Martin Weil | 01:10 AM ET, 03/21/2011
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