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OT- My son's 9 point

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I know this is a fishing forum but I cant help but be proud of him. He's a great hunter and fisherman.
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Did he use eels or were ya'll trolling mojos:D:D:D
Great buck:clapping2::clapping2:
Happy New Year!!
These are the really good kind of O/T posts.

Congrats to your son.:clapping2:

awesome deer congrats to your son... what was the spread size?
That is a pig! You should be proud! Awesome!
Really nice deer! Memory of a lifetime right there!! Congrats!! Brandon
The deer scored 134 5/8ths and was 19 1/2 inches wide and weighed 170 lbs.
Great deer . Congrats ! Betcha that ones going to cost dad some BUCKs
Great buck, might take him a few years to top that one. I know my daughter would be happy with that.
Some guys hunt for years on years without even coming close to bagging one of that size.
Great Trophy for your son- Bummer that the season is over though! Hope he hangs it in a place that he can relive that moment for years to come and the story to tell with it- Great Shot!:yes:
That a REAL pretty buck -- Congratulations to you for teaching him his hunting skills and for his kill. Even though this IS a fishing forum, I would brag too!
170Lb is a real healthy weight ! Please post the details about the hunt.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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