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It's cold outside and I can't fish so I thought I'd try to drum up some conversation on a potentially touchy subject - [wink]

Personally I don't have any real problems with this. Some might say its wrong because of the principle of what the NSA is doing - spying on US citizens and that it's illegal according to the Constitution. But who are the US citizens they are spying on? Not you and me I'm sure.

IMHO, if that's what it takes to catch these ******s, so be it.
I personally don't do anything that I am concerned about someone monitoring if it would ever happen to me. At least nothing to send me to jail! [grin]
Sure they'd find out that I like porn, ***** about my boss, don't like how my company does things once in a while and that I can't stand being at my parents house for more than 3 days at a time!
[wink] That last one would probably send me to the big house if my Mom found out! . LOL

Is this something that should happen all the time, to everyone and be widespread? No!
If there is a legitimate reason such as US security - I say yes. A good friend of mine lost an uncle on the second plane that hit the World Trade Center and a buddy of mine (and fellow TF'er) is in the Middle East because of these a$$holes. If monitoring a couple of phone calls or emails would have prevented this or will in the future, I'm all for it.

On that note, in regards to the reports of potential torture of terror suspects - if you're going to play the game, you'd better be ready to pay the consequences. If someone is a legitimate source of info and they won't cooperate, go right ahead.
I don't necessarily want to know about it but if I find out, I won't lose any sleep.
I guess I am feeling a bit feisty tonight as I write this! HAHA

But that's just my opinion. As we all know, opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one! [grin]

Comments/feedback will surely come!

Merry Xmas,
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