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Ot-polar plunge 2009

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Hey everyone let it be know my 9 year old daughter Heather braved the freezing cold of the Chessie today. It was a blast my second plunge her first I could not be prouder

I know I know but it is for a good cause
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Jim -3 front tents were for changing there is a ladies and mens tent the one on the end is the Superplungers/Celebrity tent with hot tubs and doors (the public tents had to slide in the sides really suxed). The bigger ones in the back got food, vendors (no fishing gear and there were birds working just on the other side too), Pig races, games and the rest for the medical stations and check in. They got it pretty organized with the exception of the changing tents.
Gary - No shark I think he stayed in this year
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I was worried about the ice myself and getting trapped in the tidal areas (what am I gonna do with all this shark repellent)
If people still want to donate I believe you still can
My daughter's site

With a donation you get the other pictures
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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