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Was over on " the hull truth " and came across a post on mercury/quicksilver gear lube and a bunch of people using it in there yamahas. Seems a lot of people choose merc over yamaha. Anybody using this in the lower unit?

shawn f

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I've used the Mercury lower unit lube in my Yamahas - it is rated for all motors.Just be sure to buy the higher horsepower lube.I think it is about $11.00 a quart.

Another good tip is to buy new little fiber washers that go over the fill and vent screws.Yeah, they are $1.50 each but it beats $2,500.00 for a new lower unit.Be careful - some do not fit "Japanese type" outboards :eek2: - best to take your old one to be sure you get the right size.

If you buy a pump kit- you might need a screw on adaptor for Yamaha.
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